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Last night I was a guest on Greg Rempe's BBQ Central Radio program. We discussed how my blog came to be, my recent briq-to-briq review of Kingsford® Competition and Stubb's® Briquets, my Funky Cristo recipe, competition barbecue, and some other general topics.

You can catch the podcast of last night's show here. My segment starts at about an hour and 35 minutes (01:35:00) into the two-hour program.

If you've never heard the program, I highly recommend that you peruse the show archives and hear what you've been missing. Greg offers the only weekly show of its kind. It is truly the best-produced live-fire cooking show available. Tune in each Tuesday and hear the show live at 9PM EST on The Barbecue Central Radio Networks.

Note: The show is also available on iTunes. Just search for "BBQ Central Radio" (without the quotes).

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Blogger Chris said...
I didn't know you were going to be on last night! I had it on for the first hour but was in and out of the room. I'll have to catch up now.
Blogger Unknown said...
I always dig being on with Remps!
Blogger Big Dude said...
Your burger over at looks awesome.
Blogger Unknown said...
Thanks, Dude! It's a seriously delicious gut bomb. ;-)
Blogger EasyPeasy said...
Congrats John. Ill catch it on iTunes.


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