Review: Smith's 2-Step Knife Sharpener

As is often said, there is nothing in the kitchen more dangerous than a dull knife. And, as I've said before, I'm a knife freak, and I love them sharp enough to shave with. Although this is often referred to as "scary sharp", it's really about safety.

There are a few different kinds of "sharpening". First, you need a nice solid edge. You get this by creating a new edge about every six months or so, with normal household use. For this you can send them out to a professional, or you can tackle the job at home with something like the Warthog Sharpener.

Once you have a nice edge, you keep it sharp with regular honing with a steel. I try to be religious about using one before and after each serious use of my knives.

In between major sharpenings there will be times when your edge needs a tune-up that's too much for a steel, and too little for a major sharpening. This is where the Smith's 2-Step Sharpener really shines.

Review: Smith's 2-Step Knife SharpenerThis little gem is worth many times its weight in gold. I never cease to be amazed at how such a small tool can do such wonders on a blade with just a few strokes.

As you can see by its name (and in the pictures above), this sharpener has two sides, or "steps". One is a set of carbide blades that set (or reset) the edge, and the other is a set of ceramic rods that sharpen the edge.

To use it, you simply start with a swipe or two through the carbide end as I've shown in the first picture. Then you simply flip it over and run the blade through the ceramic end a few times. That's it!

I cannot recommend this little tool highly enough. I get mine at Lowe's at less than $4. Get several and put them wherever you regularly use knives. If you are a competitive barbecue cook like me, keep one in your road kit at all times.

Review: Smith's 2-Step Knife Sharpener
Thanks to my occasionally odd but always lovely eldest daughter, Hailey, for her photographic assistance. Nobody can push a button like an eldest daughter.


Blogger Unknown said...
Bought one over a year ago, great for touching up knives after each day of use. I use GATCO for resharpening about every three months but bought one of the Smiths at Ace Hardware and keep it in my knife kit. Highly recommended.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I just bought one today at wal mart and have sharpened most knives in the house to my grandfathers military standard. For just under $4, it works wonderfuly. it works fantasticaly on larger pocketknives and smaller to medium sized outdoors knives. I highly recommend this to any knife user, collector, and enthusiest

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