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This weekend I found some great beef back ribs at my local grocery store that weren't carved to near-meatlessness, as they typically are. Given that it was Memorial Day weekend, which demands grilling and/or barbecue, I loaded up the basket.

My process for these was really simple. I hit them with a liberal coating of Kosmo's Q Texas Beef rub, followed by a good amount of freshly ground black pepper.

For cooking I simply hung them in the Pit Barrel Cooker over a full basket of standard Kingsford Original (blue bag) briquets. In the past I've cooked them for about 90 minutes and then wrapped them in foil to cruise to tenderness. However, this time out I cooked them straight-up hanging the entire time with no wrapping. The total cook time was right at four hours, and I glazed them lightly with Stubb's Sweet Heat during the final 10 minutes.

I must say that these were some seriously simple and incredibly satisfying ribs. You gotta love prime rib on a stick!
Anonymous BestSmokerz said...
What a rack! Those are some awesome looking beef ribs. I had a whole bunch I've done in my WSM in the beginning of this past summer, beef ribs are a good change from pork ribs.
Anonymous BBQ Grill Parts said...
You couldn't find a better look main course. Make me long for summer, grilling and good friends!
Anonymous Thomas said...
That looks awesome. Yet another recipe to add to the list of BBQ things to try this summer.

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