Kingsford® Smokehouse Style Briquets (via

Just in time for the 2013 grilling season, Kingsford is rolling out a new product that will be a welcome addition to your summer grilling. Their Smokehouse Style Briquets make adding smoky goodness to your food simple and hassle-free.

Let's face it, for the average Joe adding genuine smoke to your outdoor cooking can be a pain. Using chips requires soaking, which means you have to plan in advance. Chunks avoid the soaking, but it's hard to regulate the smoke with any predictability.

The new Smokehouse Style Briquets make adding smoke to your grill as easy as using charcoal. You simply start your fire as your normally would and then add a few of these briquets to get a burst of smoke. They last about 15 minutes, so you can easily regulate the amount of smoke.

If you're cooking steaks, simply add a couple of the mesquite briqs. If you're cooking ribs or a pork butt, just mix a few of the hickory briquets in with your charcoal. The beauty is that they're 100% natural and 100% predictable. They are simply pure wood mixed with a cornstarch binder that forms a briquet.

Kingsford® Smokehouse Style Briquets (via

Last fall I had the opportunity to see this product and taste the results, and I was impressed. I used some of the mesquite briqs for a beef rib cook last night and I was impressed again.

This new product is being rolled out nationwide and it should be available in your area by Memorial Day.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Any idea how these could be used with a gas grill?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks, John, for the review. Like you said, adding genuine smoke for some is a hassle. I still like to add my smoke with wood, but could see how this would be beneficial for me on a "quick" cook for steaks, etc. Are mesquite and hickory the only choices as of now? Is Kingsford planning on adding apple or cherry? By the way, how does these briquets burn on a cook compared to normal briquets?

Blogger Unknown said...
Rich - These new briqs are made solely of flavor wood with a corn starch binder. They contain no char and they aren't a fuel source. These are Kingsford's answer to chips and chunks.

Yes, for now hickory and mesquite are the only varieties available.
Blogger Chris said...
I found them on the shelf in Food City stores last week. I've enjoyed using them in my Egg and other grills, gives a quick addition for smoke grillin'.
Anonymous Kyle said...
If I am cooking ribs that take around 3 hours, when is the best time to throw the bricks in? Early, Late, or all the time?
Blogger Unknown said...
Kyle - I would add them early.
Blogger Unknown said...
love these briquets! Having a hard time finding them in 2017 - hoping they aren't discontinuing.....

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