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Today, June 20, is the summer solstice which means that it's the longest day of the year. To celebrate summer Kingsford® will be grilling non-stop at their headquarters in Oakland, California from sunrise (5:47 AM PDT) to sundown (8:34 PM PDT).

As a first in social media, they will take a picture during each minute of this continuous grill-fest. To help with the math, that's 877 photos that will be taken and published via several social media outlets, including Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

To make the occasion even more cool, "like" Kingsford® and tell them what they should grill to have a chance to win a sweet Kingsford® Summer Grilling Prize Pack.


Blogger kathleen said...
I love your blog... your recipes and ideas are awesome! So, not to mention a competitors brand of charcoal, but what do ya think of hardwood lump charcoal? I browse a bit of your blog looking to see if you have reviewed it and couldn't find it without spending more time, probably... We found Cowboy Hardwood Charcoal and enjoy using it... I would love to know what you prefer...

Blogger Unknown said...
Kathleen - Thanks for your very gracious comments. The blog is a labor of love.

As for lump charcoal, it's OK, but I much prefer the consistency and predictability of a briquet. In BBQ (especially competitions) repeatability is key, and that's really hard to achieve with lump.

I'd strongly encourage you to try Kingsford's Competition briquets. They are 100% natural with the convenience and consistency of a briquet. You can find it at Costco.

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