Kingsford Charcoal

This is just a quick heads-up about a killer deal on Kingsford® charcoal. Throughout most (if not all) of the country you can get two-packs of 13.9 pound bags for under six bucks at Home Depot! Here in Boise the price is $5.88. My local ad says "while supplies last", and it generally goes quick. The deal ends 05/30 here.

If, like me, you burn a bunch of charcoal, this is the time to stock-up on the best. Last year I bought something like 300 pounds during this sale.

Note: If you don't have a Home Depot nearby, or they're out of stock, Lowe's also has a good deal on two-packs of 20 pound bags.


Anonymous Topper said...
I think WalMart has a deal like this as well

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