Discovery: Rub Storage Cans

As you might imagine, I have a lot of barbecue dry rubs here at Daddio Central. In addition to my usual homemade rubs, I have countless samples that I receive for review and as gifts. Storing all of these mass quantities of rub is something I deal with often.

Well, as I was tooling around our local Tuesday Morning store the other day I spied these clear plastic gallon paint cans (from I had the immediate epiphany that I could use them to store rub. I picked one up and checked the price ($2.99, regularly $5.99), then I thought that they are probably not food-safe. I flip the can over and, low and behold, they are indeed food-safe!

Discovery: Rub Storage Cans

I was almost shocked. Of course, they're made in China, so who knows if they are really all that food-safe, if you know what I mean.

To properly store herbs and spices for the long-term they need to be in an airtight container and in a cool dark place, and these cans are pretty airtight. Them being clear it makes it easy to see how much you have left, and it shouldn't be a problem because it's dark where I store my rubs. I think I'm going to use blank magnetic business cards to label them.

So, there you have it. I just wanted to share my epiphany with y'all.


Anonymous Lea Ann said...
I'd say you are one serious "rubber" to have enough of one flavor to store in a gallon container. I like how they look.
Blogger Bridgier said...
Dude, it says "CERTIFIED FOOD SAFE" on the bottom, what more do you want?
Blogger Unknown said...
Bridgier - I want it not to say "Made in China" AND "Certified Food Safe". ;-)
Blogger Bridgier said...
I have a very amusing story regarding truth in labeling from singapore... but it's probably not for a family blog such as this :)
Blogger Unknown said...
Bridgier - Knowing you, it's almost certainly inappropriate. :-)
Blogger Chris said...
Nice tip, JD!

I have a cheap cast iron plate for my grill that was made in China. I'm sure there's no lead in it...fingers crossed.
Blogger joegayle said...
John, what store was this in? I went to the web site and couldn't find them.
Blogger Unknown said...
Joe - As I mentioned in the post, I found them at "our local Tuesday Morning store". ;-)
Blogger Unknown said...
That would make some neat rub storage containers. I would not bother too much about the manufacturer's company though. If you think too much, then you will just end up spending more eventually because you have to go for the quality rather than the low price. Thus, you need to really decide which factor matters more to you and what should you look out for.

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