Johnsonville® Big Taste Grill
Looky what showed up here at work today. Daddio hit some brats from the Johnsonville® Big Taste Grill. That thing is a monster!

This bad boy houses six independent gas grills that can hold about 100 sausages each. They only used two grills today, but they use them all for large venues like car races.

Johnsonville® Big Taste Grill

After being served my lunch I took a few minutes to talk to the cook just as he was finishing his clean-up. I was really impressed with how clean they keep those grills.

Johnsonville® Big Taste Grill

Oh, and the brats were good! The only topping required is a little mustard, of course.


Blogger Chris said...
Holy SMOKES that thing must move too! It was here last Saturday! Must have a Hemi under the hood :)
Blogger Unknown said...
Ha! There are three of them that cover various parts of the country. The one here was headed to Portland, Oregon next. I think the one you saw is in Little Rock this weekend.
Anonymous ericn1300 said...
Dang it, I missed it! A lot of different mustard's out there these days, what kinds did they offer with their brats? I'm always on the look out for the perfect mustard.
Blogger Unknown said...
All we had was plain yellow mustard, which was fine.

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