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Last night I was a guest on Greg Rempe's BBQ Central Radio program. We discussed recipe inspiration and development, and a recent torched steak experiment.

Experiment: Torched Tenderloin

Carrie Oliver, owner of Oliver Ranch, was also on to talk about her experience becoming a certified KCBS competition barbecue judge.

If you've never heard the program, I highly recommend that you peruse the podcast archives and hear what you've been missing. Greg offers the only weekly show of its kind. It is truly the best-produced live-fire cooking show available. Tune in each Tuesday and hear the show live at 9PM ET on The Barbecue Central Radio Networks.

Note: The show is also available on iTunes. Just search for "The BBQ Central Show on LA Talk Radio" (without the quotes). You can also listen to last night's show here.

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Anonymous Christopher said...
Oh man, I missed this. Do they have an archive?
Blogger Unknown said...
Christopher - The MP3 of the show is available here, or on iTunes as described above.
Anonymous Sam said...
Just wondering if you have a preferred method of cooking beef tenderloin if you *don't* have access to a BBQ? In other words you only have an indoor stove? I want to make one for some friends and I'm nervous because it's such an expensive cut. Any and all thoughts would be so appreciated!
Blogger Unknown said...
Anonymous Sam said...

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