Chipotle Lime Steak

Here is an easy recipe for a great south-of-the-border steak. It combines the smoky goodness of chipotle with fresh lime juice, salt, garlic, and a couple other ingredients to make a killer maridade. You can eat the steak straight-up, or use it for fajitas, as I did.

1 Flat iron (chuck top blade), flank or skirt steak, about 1 1/3 pounds
1 Tbsp Tabasco® chipotle sauce
1 Tbsp Garlic, minced (about 3 cloves)
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp Chili powder
1 tsp Black pepper
Juice of one lime
Canola oil

Combine all of the ingredients except the oil in a gallon zip-top bag and seal, removing all of the excess air.

Slosh the bag, and massage it with your hands to get all of the ingredients combined.

Refrigerate for at least two hours, and up to four hours.

Start your grill and prepare for direct grilling over medium-high heat (400-450º).

Remove the steak from the bag and pat each side dry with paper towels.

Oil each side of the steak lightly with canola oil.

Note: These cooking times are approximate, and they based on a steak that is about 3/4" thick. Your mileage may vary.

Grill the steak until it readily releases from the grate, about three minutes.

Rotate the steak 45º and continue cooking for about two minutes.

Chipotle Lime Steak

Flip the steak over and grill three minutes more.

Chipotle Lime Steak

Rotate the steak 45º and continue cooking for about one more minutes.

Remove the steak to a platter and let rest ten minutes.

Chipotle Lime Steak

Slice across the grain into 1/4" slices.

Chipotle Lime Steak

Serve and enjoy!

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Blogger Chris said...
Looks great, John. Like I said on the forum, I'm giving this one a try with ribeyes.
Blogger Unknown said...
Thanks, Chris. Please let me know what you think.
Blogger Debs @ DKC said...
Yum, I could eat this right now, thanks.
Anonymous claire said...
this is beautiful! I am craving this and it is 10 AM where I am! Love your blog and think your photos are amazing!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
that grate looks suspiciously familiar...
Blogger Unknown said...
CB - Indeed it should be familiar to you, as it's the infamous Char-Broil Big Easy® Smoker, Roaster & Grill, which I highly recommend.
Anonymous Jesse said...
Do you think the marinade would work with chicken instead of steak? Looks amazing
Blogger Unknown said...
Jesse - Leave out the Worcestershire sauce and it would be good on chicken.
Blogger Bruce said...
Hey John. Great recipe! I do a very similar marinade, but add some chopped fresh cilantro. There's something magical about the combination of fresh lime, chipotle, and cilantro!

Blogger My Rags to Riches said...
Super yummy, I made this last night! I couldn't find the chipotle tabasco at my store, so I just used some chipotle chilies in adobo sauce and it was fantastic!
Blogger Unknown said...
I'm glad you liked it, Rags.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
How much Canola oil did you use in the marinade?
Blogger Unknown said...
Anonymous - The oil is just to rub on the steak before grilling. I've updated the instructions.

"Combine all of the ingredients except the oil in a gallon zip-top bag and seal, removing all of the excess air."
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I want to make these into fajitas...can you recommend a sauce or just go with straight up ranch. Thanks!
Blogger Unknown said...
Anonymous - A sauce for fajitas? If you really need one, just use a good salsa or picante sauce. Ranch would just be wrong. ;-)

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