Grilled & Glazed Carrots

Here is a great quick and brain-dead-easy grilled side dish that can compliment a wide variety of dishes. If you've got the grill fired up, these take mere minutes. How can you really go wrong with carrots, balsamic, and honey?

6 carrots (as equal in size as possible)
1/8 cup Balsamic vinegar
1/8 cup Honey

Combine the balsamic and honey in a small bowl, whisk to combine and set aside.

Peel, trim and slice the carrots in half horizontally.

Put them in a zip-top bag and seal, leaving about an inch unsealed.

Cook the carrots on high in the microwave for two minutes, or until they are slightly flexible. This shortens the grilling time greatly.

Note: You may need to adjust the cooking time depending on the size of your carrots and the power of your microwave.

Grill the carrots on a medium-high grill (about 400*) for three minutes.

Flip them over, brush them with the glaze and continue grilling another three minutes.

Remove the carrots to a platter and brush them with the glaze.

Serve and enjoy.

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Anonymous Veggie Wedgie said...
Those carrots look utterly delicious :)
Blogger Sheeba Asariah said...
yummmmmmm :) I will try it for sure :)
Blogger Kitty said...
sounds yummmy...great way to incorporate veggies into your meals!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Made these last night, and they were amazing! Thank-you for the recipe!
I made these last week and they were awesome - the combination of the mix with the honey and grilling even enticed my 6-year-old son who would never eat regularly cooked carrots, so this is definitely at the top of my recipe pile!
I thought these were glazed hot dogs from the picture! I was happy to find they were carrots...I love carrots and my wife and I love to grill so we have a great partnership. They turned out great, but the first time we made them I didn't grill them long enough....not used to grilling carrots, but I have the hang of it now!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
This would be really easy on one of those grill pans on the stove top. I plan to try it including parsnips. Thanks for sharing.
Blogger Katie said...
These look and sound amazing! I've never thought to grill carrots! love it!
OpenID dsmartin said...
This is terrific! Thank you for this recipe! One tip I figured out after the first try: use toothpicks to secure two or three narrow carrots together. It makes it less likely they'll slide through the grill.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I threaded mine on two BBQ skewers and it worked great to hold them together!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I tried it with a grill pan instead of the actual grill & it didn't work out. The sweet glaze burned in the pan & I had to basically steam them instead of grilling them.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I just made dinner for 7, knowing 2 adults and 1 kid don't like "cooked" carrots.... But guess what!! They do now!!! Great and easy, thanks!!
Anonymous herosoftmedia said...
Well, I am so excited that I have found this your post because I have been searching for some information about it.
Blogger Corrabelle said...
We tried this tonight and the ziplock melted in the microwave...(which I was a little hesitant about to begin with.) I'm going to try pre-cooking stove top next time, or in a covered microwave dish.
Blogger John Dawson said...
Corrabelle - I'm sorry, but that's why I intentionally included this note:

Note: You may need to adjust the cooking time depending on the size of your carrots and the power of your microwave.
Blogger Corrabelle said...
haha, the carrots weren't hardly cooked at all. Only the bag!
Blogger John Dawson said...
OK, peel the asbestos off of the carrots and use a baking dish. :-) I kid of course.
Blogger Corrabelle said...
haha! I sort of did that...the sauce was really good so I really wanted to try them! We still bbqd them and although being somewhat underdone in the end, the sauce still made them desirable:)
Blogger John Dawson said...
OK, I don't know where you get your Kevlar carrots, but next time just blanch them in boiling water until they are just barely limp. ;-)
Anonymous Anonymous said...
These are absolutely delicious! And they look beautiful! Excellent recipe - thank you. We're going to have them again for the second night in a row.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Is the vinegar and honey in the bag when you nuke them?
Blogger John Dawson said...
Anonymous - No, you mix the glaze, set it aside, nuke and grill the carrots and glaze them.

Peel and slice are really the carrots if count horizontally.
Anonymous Kosmetik Online said...
This is one of the best blogs I've ever read. You've got some mad skill here, man. I just hope that you don't lose your style because you're definitely one of the coolest.

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