BBQ Pitmasters on TLC

The season two finale of the BBQ Pitmasters series airs tomorrow night on TLC. After withholding my judgement thus far, I have to say that this year's series was a fail for me.

Even my wife, who is only tangentially interested in barbecue at all, said, "This show is just bad." I agree, and I'll just leave it at that.

Here's to what might have been...


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sad to say but I have to agree.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have to agree with you; I was disappointed in the series and had to resign myself to it being less about competition barbecue, and more of a "next food network star" kind of show. I was particularly disappointed in the mini challenges that sent a competitor home immediately.
We compete, so I know what it means to make long drives and spend a lot of money and spend hours in whatever weather the powers that be send you. How wretched to be sent home because of a frog leg or snake meat. Seriously, that is just wrong.
Oh well, we'll dvr tonight's episode anyway and see it through to the end.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Come on! You lose because your slaw sucks! That sucks!
(Calling it like I sees it without a big drawn out conversation.)
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wait, what? Only tangentially interested in BBQ? I think I just felt a disturbance in the force...

Just kidding! :~)

The final episode was not too bad; nice whole hog challenge and everyone had the same pit to work with. Still, sorry to see them send two teams home without finishing their hogs.
Blogger Unknown said...
Yes, tangentially, as in just because of me. ;-)
Blogger LT72884 said...
meh, i lost interest after episode 5 of season one. I only watched because it had the forums flag at the beginning of the show. The whole drama of how they acto towards one another is pitiful in my opinion. T^hats not cooking or sportsmanship at all. Its like Orange county choppers but with BBQ.. sigh. oh well.

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