Reverse-Sear Tri-Tip & Chicken

Tonight I grilled up a traditional California BBQ dinner of tri-tip, chicken and beans. I seasoned the tri-tip liberally with Kosmo's Cow Cover rub and the chicken got a coating of 2/3 Montreal chicken seasoning and 1/3 New Mexico chili powder. I cooked it all indirect over a 50/50 combination of Kingsford Competition briquets and mesquite lump (there's no red oak available in these parts) and reverse-seared the tri-tip (cooked to 130* indirect then seared direct to 135*).

It all came out very flavorful and tender. Kosmo's beef rub is no joke!

Reverse-Sear Tri-Tip & Chicken

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Blogger Melanie said...
Did you smuggle tri tip out of CA? I wasn't aware you could get it anywhere else! ;) Looks good!
Blogger John Dawson said...
Nope. Tri-tip is readily available here. It's the flatlanders further east that can't seem to get it. :-)
Blogger Kevin said...
Trader Joe's makes an already marinated tri tip available out of California. I'm up in Washington and BBQ tri tip regularly. Really like the idea of reverse searing.
Blogger Annie Jimenez said...
I buy my tri-tip from Costco

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