Discovery: Popular Plates - BBQ Edition

I recently ran across this BBQ edition of Popular Plates and I'll cut to the chase and say that I recommend it highly.

The barbecue community has often clamored for a glossy magazine and, although it's apparently a single feature edition, this is a great read and resource.

Discovery: Popular Plates - BBQ Edition
This magazine covers all of the BBQ hot spots. It's packed with a 5-region canvas of the best barbecue joints in the country. It also features great biographical articles, recipes, and some very nice photography.

I've taken a couple of shots to give you a little bit of a feel for the magazine, but you can see a lot more at the Popular Plates web site.

This edition is all that a barbecue magazine should be. Again, I highly recommend it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I bought the Pizza book and really enjoy that so I am sure the BBQ one must be just as good. I have to see if I can get a copy.
Blogger CraigGoldwyn said...
I also have the pizza book. This is a series of one-off mags by the great Jane & Michael Stern of and NPR. Good stuff!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
How do I get this
Blogger Unknown said...
I don't know. Google is your friend. Failing that, contact the publisher.

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