Slammin' Salmon

As I mentioned yesterday, I planked some salmon tonight for dinner. I used the Asian Barbecue Glaze and it was incredible, if I do say so myself. In fact, it was so good that I've decided to go with the title you see above rather than the "Asian Barbecued Salmon" title that I had originally planned. The old title somehow seems more than a little lacking now.

Of course cedar planks and salmon are made for each other; that's certainly no secret. However, the addition of the glaze takes things to a much higher level. The subtly smokey fish combined with the cherry and hoisin work wonderfully together.

2 Food-safe cedar planks (about 3/8" thick)
1 large Salmon filet (about 3 pounds)
1 cup Asian Barbecue Glaze
Kosher salt
Canola oil

Soak the cedar planks in warm water for about two hours. Make sure they stay submerged.

About 30 minutes before you are ready to start cooking, start your grill and prepare for direct cooking over a medium-hot fire (375-400º)

Cut the salmon filet in half width-wise.

Season both sides of each half lightly with salt and pepper and brush with a light coat of oil.

Place each half of the filet on a cedar plank with the skin-side down.

Note: If the filet has a thin tapered belly edge, fold it under as you see in the picture below (bottom edge of the lower filet).

Slammin' Salmon

Put the planks directly over the coals/flame and close the lid.

Slammin' Salmon

Cook until you start to see a milky white edge form near the thick end of the filets (about 20 minutes at 375º).

Slammin' Salmon

Brush the top of each filet with a liberal coating of the glaze.

Continue cooking for another five minutes.

Brush the top of each filet with another liberal coating of the glaze.

Continue cooking for another five minutes.

Remove the planks to a sheet pan.

Portion the filets and drizzle each with a little of the glaze.

Serve and enjoy!

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Anonymous Jessica said...
I made the glaze last night and put it on some chicken. The only thing I didn't have was the mirin, but it turned out amazing! I have some salmon and am definitely using this tonight for dinner!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
These pictures make my mouth water...thanks! I cannot wait to try this one.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
that looks so fabulous!
Blogger Chris said...
That is a gorgeous plank of salmon. Great tip about tucking the thin edge. I will definitely be making this for my wife and oldest son.
Blogger Big Dude said...
That is a great looking piece of salmon
Blogger Juli P said...
This looks amazing! Salmon is our favorite, I've been wanting to try some of those cedar planks on the grill. I think we'll try this on Friday!
Blogger Juli P said...
Just curious, what size planks do you buy? I want to buy some, but there's a several sizes, just trying to decide what is the most useful....we eat salmon on the grill once a week, I'm thinking of buying in bulk on line.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am developing an asian glaze for ribs this week - I saw a few recipes with cherries in them. I am not a huge cherry fan so I'm wondering how strong the cherry flavor is? The picture looks absolutely drool-a-ble! Never thought to try it on salmon!
Blogger Unknown said...
Juli - You just need a plank large enough to hold the fish with about an inch margin around the edges. You can certainly cut large ones down for cooking smaller portions. -John
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Y'know, I don't even like salmon, and this looks absolutely delicious. I might make it for my husband soon. Thanks!
Anonymous Hugh G. said...
I'll confess to never being all that crazy about salmon either, but I couldn't believe how good cookin' with the plank was. It completely changes the taste for the better!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yowza! This looks amazing. I'm definitely going to do this when I go camping!
trying it tonight! had to search all over the place for mirin!!
Love salmon, but we are living in a condo this winter with no grill. Can you make this recipe without the planks, perhaps in the oven? Feel free to email me with tips sans the plank. This looks too good to miss.......
Blogger Unknown said...
Sam - You can certainly bake the salmon on a plank, as mentioned here.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
what other sauces do you recommend for specifically Salmon, best the asian bbq that you list here. Could you recommend three? Thank you so much
Blogger Unknown said...
Anonymous - I'm sorry, but I can't recommend three off the top of my head. Google is your friend. ;-)
Blogger Unknown said...
That looks stunning!!! Yum
Anonymous keukenwerkblad said...
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Anonymous werkblad said...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I can't tell you how much I love this recipe! I cook a TON of salmon, and this is my favorite! :)
Blogger Unknown said...
Anonymous - I'm so glad that you dig the recipe. Salmon lovers rejoice! :-)

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