Orange-Glazed Pork Cutlets

Tonight was one of those nights. You know, the kind where you are making up dinner as you frantically roam the isles of the supermarket. Yeah, the ones when the family has a gazillion things going and you need something for dinner. The kind of night where you and your spouse contemplate a quick trip to the drive-thru, but you quickly realize that you've been there far too often lately. It was one of those nights, and here is what became of dinner.

These are quick-n-easy center cut pork cutlets that are sauteed then glazed with some simple orange marmalade. The only thing I did that was even mildly unusual was to season the cutlets with alderwood-smoked salt. I thought it would add an extra something to the flavor.

6 center cut Pork loin chops (about 1/2" thick -- I cut my own from a roast)
6 Tbsp Orange marmalade
1 Tbsp Canola oil
2 tsp Smoked salt (or plain kosher is fine)
Black pepper

Put two chops in a gallon zip-top bag and pound each lightly until they are just over 1/4" thick, then move to a platter or rimmed sheet pan.

Repeat with the remaining chops.

Orange-Glazed Pork Cutlets

Season both sides of each breast with salt and pepper, cover and let sit at room temperature for about 20 minutes.

Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat

When the oil just starts to smoke, add the cutlets.

Cook them for 90 seconds.

Orange-Glazed Pork Cutlets

Flip the cutlets and immediately top each with a tablespoon of marmalade.

Let them cook about 90 seconds more.

Flip the cutlets again and cook for about 30 seconds. The marmalade will turn itself into a very nice glaze.

Serve each cutlet with a drizzle of the glaze that is remaining in the pan.


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I have made these before, but didn't pound them thinner first. Therefore my end result was a little tough and dry. Thanks so much for the tip. My family would love this served on a bed of rice.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
would you be able to grill these with the marmalade?
Blogger Unknown said...
I think you'd be OK on the grill, but I've never tried it. -John

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