Tasty Kitchen
I'd like to introduce you to what I feel is the best "real-world" recipe site on the internet -- Tasty Kitchen. I say real-world because, as the site tagline states, it features favorite recipes from real kitchens.

Tasty Kitchen is an offshoot of the incredibly popular blog site, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. For those of you holed up under your sprawling placial (yet comfy) internet rock, I'm referring to the 2009 Weblog of the Year which is authored by Ree Drummond, the #22 Forbes web celeb and recent cookbook author. There! Stick that in yer Google!

In all seriousness, Ree's blog is a very funny, interesting and heart-warming glimpse into life with four kids and a cowboy husband on a real working cattle ranch in Oklahoma. Her writing takes you on a vicarious ride that always leaves you very glad that you stopped by. You can think of Ree as your friendly internet neighbor who lives down the road a'piece.

OK, enough about her, let's get on to the food!

Tasty Kitchen is essentially a recipe posting site that includes some social networking capabilities. However, what really makes it stand out to me is the very clean and friendly design, its ease-of-use, and the obvious passion of the real cooks that contribute. It's really everything that a recipe site should be. Oh, and the food photos are great, too.

Another thing that really separates this site from other recipe sites is that it very clearly appreciates and recognizes its members. There is a member prominently featured each week, and there are five featured recipes each day. All of this makes the members really feel appreciated.

The care for the members goes beyond just the functioning of the site. The folks behind the scenes go out of their way to respond to your needs in a timely and very friendly manner. I have had nothing but outstanding interactions with them (Nanci and Erika). The TK chicks are all that, and a side salad!

If you appreciate great recipes from passionate cooks, head on over to Tasty Kitchen, become a member (free), and thank me later.

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