Woo hoo! You can now leave comments here on the blog. A little over a year ago I explained why I had decided to disable comments, and that I would re-evaluate things as the blog matured. Well, I have done just that, and I've decided to turn them on. I just think it's time.

My primary motivation for turning them on is to get your feedback. I really do appreciate and value your thoughts, opinions and constructive criticism. In short, it's a way for me to be more "connected" to my readers. With no commentary it often feels like I'm just spewing bits into the intergalactic bit bucket. I want it to be more personal.

Fire away!
Blogger Kurt said...
My wife is an avid reader of pioneer woman and she turned me on to your site. I just started reading within the last month so I am wondering what are some of your fav's. Gonna try the pulled pork pockets tonight. (using Brisket instead...I'm from Texas)
The pictures of the process make all the difference in the world, we just love what you and PW have done for cooking, at least in our kitchen(and stomachs) keep up the good work.
Anonymous Pots and Pins said...
I'm so glad I can be the first to comment!! Love your blog even though it's caused an extreme amount of drool on my keyboard. I made the pork pockets - fantastic! I made a dozen of them and that was not nearly enough - could have made a vat full and it still wouldn't have been enough - they were THAT great! So I'm sending you 10 lbs. worth of thanks because I estimate that's what your blog has cost me! xo, Nan
Anonymous Food o' del Mundo said...
Just started following you because of Ree and was sad you didn't have your comments turned on - I almost didn't subscribe because of that! EXCEPT I LOVE BBQ and the grill so much and your site is so fabulous - I decided to anyway. Glad I did! AND I can't wait 'til the weather warms up and I can have at the grill with some of your recipes - really itching to do some tri-tip! ~Mary
Blogger Laura said...
Me to I am here from Tasty Kitchen. I have not yet tried any of your receipes but as the weather warms up you can be sure that we will be using your site for BBQ ideas.
Blogger Chris said...
I'm glad you turned them on. We've exchanged a few emails when I've had a specific question but sometimes I just want to say "nice cook!".
Blogger Unknown said...
Thank you all for your very kind words, and for your encouragement. I appreciate your readership. -John
Blogger Christian Bouche said...
You showed up on Buzz. Fantastic website and great recipes John! Can't wait to try out the spaghetti pizza. Bon Appetit. Hope we can catch up soon. A lot has happened over the past year or so.

Brand new reader, about a week, and I wondered why there were no comments, so happy, now I can pick your brain on recipes and the such!! YAHOO!!!!
Blogger Unknown said...
Welcome, Deanna! I'm very happy to have your readership. Feel free to ask questions any time. -John

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