is a great new live-fire cooking community site where I contribute recipes. Of course, there are plenty of other cooking sites out there, but there are a few things that make FireCooker unique. First, the site is dedicated to real backyard barbecue and grilling. Second, their pitmaster is none other than Dr. BBQ, Ray Lampe. That fact alone should be a big clue as to how serious the site is. Also, the fresh site design is a very welcome improvement over the look and feel of other barbecue sites. It really does look nice. I realize that this might not be a major consideration for many, but as a web developer I really appreciate the professionalism of the site.

You can think of FireCooker as a sort of "Facebook of backyard cooking". They showcase a lot of recipes and how-to information for anyone interested in outdoor fire cooking.

This is also one of the first grilling or barbecue sites that I've seen feature user-contributed videos. This really helps bring the content alive. The site also features professionally produced videos with Dr. BBQ. Here is an example of the videos you will find at the site.

So, if you're interested in sharing your barbecue exploits, or just want to learn how to get better at it, I encourage you to head over to and get involved. It's a great site that I think you'll really enjoy.

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