Cowboy Top Sirloin

Here is a simple recipe that will add a new dimension to your steak. I used top sirloin, but any quality steak cut, like ribeye (my favorite), T-bone, porterhouse or flat iron (vastly under-rated) will work exceedingly well. I call it "cowboy" because of the use of the Gebhardt's chili powder. It's renowned for use in "Texas red" chili. As always, click the picture for a closer look.

2 large Top sirloin steaks (1 1/2 lbs each)
4 Tbsp Butter, cut into four equal pats
2 Tbsp Gebhardt's Chili Powder (available at many grocery stores)
1 Tbsp Kosher salt
1 Tbsp Garlic salt
2 tsp Worcestershire pepper (or plain black pepper -- see the note below)

Note: If you can't find the Worcestershire pepper, just rub the steaks with a little Worcestershire sauce before seasoning.

Mix the seasoning ingredients in a small bowl.

Dust both sides of each steak liberally and pat the seasoning to ensure it adheres well.

Let sit covered at room temperature for an hour.

Fire your grill up to 500* and let the grates get rocket hot.

Swab the grates quickly with canola oil.

Grill to desired doneness.

Remove from the grill, top each steak with two 1 Tbsp pats of butter and let rest five minutes.

Chow down!

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