It has recently come to my attention that many readers don't realize that I offer delivery. By that I mean that you can subscribe to receive my posts automagically via e-mail. Yep, just look over there on the right below the ad.

For those of you who do the RSS thing, you can subscribe to my feed. It's in the menu on the right. If you read a lot of blogs, an RSS reader will make your life much simpler. Think of it as an inbox for the web. Content comes to you, rather than you going to it. I use and highly recommend Google Reader.

There are also "aggregator" sites that gather and categorize content from a variety of sites. Alltop is a good aggregator. They even have a BBQ-specific page.

This isn't really a food-related post, but I thought I'd throw the tips out there. I hope you find them helpful. Doing web work for a living sometimes causes me to assume that everyone knows these things.

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