This time out I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Here are this weekend's food highlights. I'll save the PB & J and hot dog shots for another time.

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Friday night my wife asked me to grill these incredibly simple, but incredibly good kabobs of bacon-wrapped chicken and pineapple, marinated in homemade Teriyaki sauce.

This recipe is a serious keeper. Way to go, honey!

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Saturday night I smoked some beef back ribs over cherry wood and served them with some fire-roasted corn.

I know this is competition barbecue blasphemy, but I'll take beef ribs over pork ribs any day.

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Our friends from church, Scott and Jackie, hosted a lunch at their home this afternoon. Here is a shot of Jackie's incredible lasagna. I absolutely love Italian food, and this was to die for!

I'll be hounding her for this recipe.

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Here is a classic tossed salad that I contributed to the church gathering today. It's hard work, but someone has to bring the salad.

As you can see, Scott and Jackie's beautiful home provided a great setting for photos. Thanks, y'all.

I can't think of many better ways to spend a weekend than with good food and great company. As I say in my bio, food is a gift on a plate.
Anonymous cca said...
I would love the recipe for that lasagna! It looks amazing!
Anonymous Rose said...
I would also love the recipe to this lasagna it looks amazing!
Blogger Kera said...
Would like recipe to kabobs!!!
Blogger Unknown said...
I would love to help you, but I have no idea what the recipe was or where my wife got it. Sorry.

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