Flat Iron Steak - Three Ways

I had a serious hankerin' for steak this weekend. While I was at the store, I spied some nice looking flat iron steaks.

For those unfamiliar, these are also sometimes called "Shoulder Top Blade Steak", or simply "Top Blade Steak". It's cut from the chuck primal and it resembles a narrow flank steak. Don't let the "chuck" part turn you away, as the flat iron is a seriously good cut that is often overlooked. I'll take one of these over a top sirloin any day!

I decided to pick up three as close in weight as possible. I wanted them to cook evenly without a bunch of tending. I then thought that I'd conduct a little experiment with my ladies and prepare them three different ways.

Steak 1 - Marinated in Patio Daddio Bovine Bath.

Steak 2 - A moderate dose of Kosher salt and McCormick Worcestershire pepper.

Steak 3 - A heavy dose of McCormick Grill Mates® Montreal Steak Seasoning.

Each steak was marinated in a zip-top bag for three hours. I then cooked them identically to medium over a rocket-hot blend of Kingsford Charwood and Best of the West Mesquite Lump Charcoal.

After the taste testing, the ladies ended in a tie between steak two and steak three. I was the tie-breaker when I voted for steak three. The bottom line is that I think I will start using a blend of kosher salt, black pepper and a dash of Montreal steak seasoning.

I think the ladies were a little surprised at how various seasonings can affect the same cut of meat. It was fun, and I learned how they like their steak. Try it and see what your family likes.

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