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Last night I was fortunate to be on the venerable Greg Rempe's BBQ Central Radio show. It went surprisingly well and I didn't even make a fool of myself. Greg was a great host and made it easy for a newbie like me.

If you like talk radio and you like cooking with fire, I highly recommend Greg's show. He takes what otherwise might seem like pedestrian topics and presents them in a way that is fun and engaging, while still very informative.

You can hear the show I was on here. I followed Chris Capell of Dizzy Pig BBQ. Chris is a very successful competitor and commercial rub maker, so that made it that much more special for me as a fellow barbeque competitor. If you need rub, call Chris. Give him a couple years and he'll probably have more flavors than Baskin-Robbins.

The recipes and processes we discussed on the show can be found here.

Note: The show podcast is also available on iTunes. Search for "The BBQ Central Show on LA Talk Radio" (no quotes of course).



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