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I want to tell you about an outstanding barbeque and grilling internet "radio" show. It's brought to you by Greg Rempe, who runs the popular BBQ Central forum. Greg is based in Cleveland, Ohio and he has the only weekly show that appeals to the full range of live-fire cooking aficionados. No matter if you are a weekend backyard warrior or a seasoned competition cook, you will find something of interest in his shows.

What I really like about Greg's show is that he prestents great guests and information in a fun and down-to-earth style. For example, he recently had on Eric Schuetzler, senior scientist for Kingsford product and process development to discuss the creation, making and marketing of the new Competition Briquets. This interview is typical of the high-caliber guests that frequent Greg's show. Suffice it to say that dude gets some heavy-hitters.

If you've never heard it, I highly recommend that you peruse the podcast archives and hear what you've been missing. Tune in each Tuesday and hear the show live at 9PM EST on LA Talk Radio Channel 1 and thank me later.

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