Click to view a larger imageDo you need or want a low-sugar and low-sodium barbeque sauce? Well, Dallas musician and chef, Bradley Balch, may have just what you're after.

He started by doing grill duty at musical outings, which eventually led him to culinary school and then to bottling his sauce. Later, he was challenged by a diabetic friend to, "Make me something that's low-carb." Well, he did, and now you can experience the Splenda-sweetened goodness of his Lean Mean BBQ Sauce. While you're at it, he also offers a low-cal/low-sodium ketchup that might be a great start for creating your own sauce.

I've occasionally run across requests for diabetic-friendly sauces on various barbecue internet forums, and it's a very specialized thing, so I thought I'd pass this along.


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