Click to view a larger imageAfter a flurry of rumors this fall and early winter, today Kingsford announced their new "100 percent natural Kingsford® Competition Briquets" (I'm almost certain they mean "briquettes"). From what I have read and heard, these are simply pressed and formed lump charcoal.

I highly suspect that this new product is the Kingsford answer to the very popular Original Charcoal Company "Rancher" briquettes that were available dirt cheap last year at most Home Depot stores. I was a huge fan of the Rancher coal, as were many competitive BBQ cooks. They apparently had a fight on their hands going up against the Clorox behemoth for distribution.

I heard a podcast with Chris Lilly last month, who was involved with the R&D, and he seemed excited about this new offering.

Of course, I plan to get my hands on some of this ASAP to do a full review. However, it looks like it will be spring before it is widely available. Please e-mail me if you have a chance to try it. Thanks in advance.

(via News Blaze)



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