Click to view a larger imageFirst the Baconosaurus Egg, and now this?! Yes, let's keep a good thing going.

This company gets serious flog (food blog) cred for creativity in my mind. Where else can you find wares like The Bacon Wallet, The Meat Shower Curtain, Meat Pencil Toppers, Sausage Tape, and Bacon Band Aids?

Send their Ultimate Bacon and Meat Package to your favorite Vegan or PETA member. Even they will appreciate the creativity. Just make sure you're there when they open it so you can enjoy the look of horror on their face. For the cherry on top, refer them to Genesis 1:28. I'm sure that will give them great comfort.

Extra credit: Ask them if they know where one can adopt a potbelly pig. Tell them you're banking carbon credits so you can buy Junior a Prius for graduation.

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