The following quote is from a piece in U.S. News & World Report entitled "How Much Meat Should a Climate Change-Wary Flexitarian Eat?"
"We could also, as a nation, just eat a lot less meat as an alternative to full vegetarianism. Anthony McMichael, a leading Australia-based expert on climate change and health issues, has crunched the numbers. He estimates that per capita daily meat consumption would need to drop from about 12 ounces per day in America to 3.1 ounces (with less than half of it red meat) in order to protect the climate."
Let me begin by asking, what in creation is a "flexitarian"?! Also, what about the cows? Are they going to decrease their diet of green carbon-based food by 74%? What about the rest of the planet? Oh, I forgot, it's only America that needs to green up around the edges.

Perhaps Mr. Tidwell should eat some of the tripe he's serving up at Audubon Magazine. After all, the cow is already dead, right? He can consider it gastrointestinal recycling. Mike, take your soy-induced flatulence somewhere else.

(via Serious Eats)

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