Easy Chicken Marinade
Here is a chicken marinade that is brain-dead easy and will work wonders on your yard bird. There is almost no way to make this any easier. What's great about it is that it tenderizes and adds just enough flavor without overpowering. This also works very well with pork loin and tenderloin.

This recipe is enough for two whole chickens and then some, so adjust as necessary.

1 large bottle (24 oz) Zesty Italian salad dressing (a cheap store brand is fine)
8 cups (just shy of 2 liters) Ginger ale

Pour the ginger ale into a large mixing bowl.

Add the salad dressing and whisk to combine.

Put your chicken in gallon zip-top bags and add enough marinade to each bag to completely cover the chicken.

Seal the bags, removing the excess air.

Put the bags in a large pan in the refrigerator and marinate 3-6 hours.

Remove the chicken from the marinade and drain.

Grill or smoke the chicken as you normally would.

Tip: Reserve some of the unused marinade and use it as a baste. Brush it on the meat periodically while cooking. You can use the marinade from the chicken, but you must boil it for five minutes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
WOW!! this is soooo interesting. I've used the italian dressing but not the ginger ale. If you have a minute...what does the gingerale do? I'm assuming it DOES something to the chicken other than just add gingerale flavor.

Thank you!!!
Wendy :-)
Blogger Unknown said...
Thanks, Wendy. The ginger ale is used for sugar, citric acid (a natural tenderizer) and, as you mentioned, the flavor.

You'll notice that I use cola in my Bovine Bath (on the recipes page). Give that a try some time. -John

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