I am planning to start doing barbeque sauce reviews as a periodic feature here on the flog (food blog). Well, being a KCBS competitive cook, the first thing to cross my mind is that I need to come up with a fair and consistent tasting method. This lead me to my first mistake.

Last night I was at the store and saw some pork chops in the meat department. I had been thinking about the sauce reviews, so I immediately had an idea. I would use simple broiled pork chops as the test vehicle. The idea was that I could fairly easily replicate them using the same seasoning (rub) and cooking process. This would give me a consistent platform for each sauce. Wrong!

I broiled four test chops tonight and immediately noticed four things.

1. It's too time-consuming.
2. The results are not consistent, as each chop is different.
3. There is no way to season each chop consistently.
4. There is no smoke flavor in a broiled pork chop.

All was not lost, because the same four reasons for failure lead me to the answer I was after. I needed something quick, something consistent, and something that is easy to replicate. Eureka! I'll use Lit'l Smokies!

There you have it. Look for sauce reviews which will be coming soon.

Afterthought: Perhaps BBQ contest reps should give this some thought for their sauce competitions.

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